What is the WAI and how is it organized.

This page will provide instructions about the organisation of the Weekly Artificial Intelligence (WAI) meetings.

The goal of the WAI meetings is to foster a friendly environment, in which we inform each other about our research, discuss ideas, and create a sense of community between the research groups.
The WAI meetings are organized by the four Artificial Intelligence research groups of the VU. These are:

  • Knowledge Representation & Reasoning (KRR)
  • Web & Media (WM)
  • Computational Intelligence (CI)
  • Behavioural Informatics

They are organized every Monday (holidays excluded) from 16:00 to 17:00. The meetings are in the FEW building, but the room varies. The room for the specific date can be found both in the schedule and in the email announcement of the meeting.
Our aim is to have two different research groups present during each session for diversity.

If you have something you wish to share, be it results, literature, or a problem which you can't solve, we encourage you to claim a slot!!
Should you want to organize a thematic session, or present a collaboration with another AI research group, you are also encouraged to do so!
Should your research group welcome a guest for a special occasion, and this guest is willing to give a presentation which would also be of interest to the other research groups, you are also encouraged to claim a slot!

Recently, a manifesto regarding the WAI has been formulated.
The main points of the manifesto are:

  • Everyone presents. This includes everyone from the heads of the research groups to PhD. students
  • Everyone is also expected to attend the WAI meetings, unless there is a good reason not to do so
  • Both you and your supervisor are responsible for both your active and your passive participation to the WAI

Instructions and material for the presenter are provided on the instruction page. There you can also find both a digital and a print friendly evaluation form.

Momentarily, the WAI is organized by Alessandro Zonta. He can be reached by emailing the WAI organizers.

Instructions for new members/colleagues

We expect you to adhere to the schedule, which is published and announced every time it is created, and we expect you to subscribe to the mailing list to which we send the announcements.

The schedule for the WAI presentations can be found here.

Please subscribe to the WAI announcement mailing list which can be found here.

Both you and the senior supervising you are responsible for your inclusion in the schedule.
Please contact the WAI organizers to be included.

Remarks? Comments about this page? Please contact the WAI organizers!

Seniors chairing the meetings

Each meeting will be chaired by a senior, who introduces the speaker, guides the presentation, and leads the discussion. These seniors are listed below.

  • Frank van Harmelen (KRR)
  • Guszti Eiben (CI)
  • Tibor Bosse (ASR)
  • Lora Aroyo (WM)
  • Stefan Schlobach (KRR)
  • Mark Hoogendoorn (CI)
  • Michel Klein (ASR)
  • Annette ten Teije (KRR)
  • Evert Haasdijk (CI)
  • Victor de Boer (WM)
  • Davide Ceolin (WM)