Instructions for presenters

Please keep in mind you are presenting your research to people who are not in your research group/domain. Make sure your talk is interesting and understandable to them.
At the beginning of your presentation you should take a couple of minutes to explain the relevance, and what angle you are approaching your research from.

Before you give a talk, you are expected to send in an abstract and a title for your talk to the organizers.
Reminders requesting these will be sent starting two weeks prior to your talk.

In case of cancellation, please find someone to fill your slot. Let us know when you have done so.
You can consult the top of the reserve list on the WAI schedule website.

The WAI organizers are NOT responsible for finding a replacement for you.
Should you cancel your talk last minute, your supervisor will be contacted to discuss a suitable solution.

Please also state the goal of your talk. Some suggestions for goals:

  • Rehearse a presentation
  • Ask for feedback on an on-going project
  • Discuss a new idea
  • Give an update regarding the educational activities (Both Bachelor and Master)
  • Have a general discussion

The total length of your time slot is 30 minutes. You should spend 20 minutes on your presentation, with the last 10 minutes available for discussion.
In case your presentation lasts longer than 30 minutes, you will be interrupted and requested to wrap it up.

Please note that:

  • A beamer will be available on the spot but you need to bring your own laptop. Please be present 5 minutes before starting, so we can get everything connected and tested.
  • The time slot is fairly short. Please do not prepare too many slides (10-15 is probably about right depending on your style).
  • The point of the WAI is to let your colleagues know what you're doing, not to give an in-depth lecture about certain algorithms or theories.
  • Keep your presentation limited to things that are relevant to understand the main point of your talk, and accessible to the general AI public.
    Your supervisor is responsible for supporting you achieving this.
  • The presenter is responsible to timing his/her presentation and for managing discussions. Feel free to cut people short if their questions are irrelevant or if you do not have time to answer them. It's your show, and we are only responsible for stopping it after 30 minutes.

First slide and evaluation sheets

Below we provide evaulation forms for listeners who wish to provide feedback to the speaker, and an (optional) first slide for every presentation.

For listeners:

For presenters:

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